November 2001
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Rev. Wheeler cont.

Now I listen to the reports of bombings and destruction.  I listen to the lament of mothers and fathers whose sons and daughters must lay their lives on the altar of ultimate sacrifice.  I listen to the questions that ask “What next?”  I listen to the rhetorical query that under girds my entire listening process; what or who could make a man so enraged that he would pilot a plane into a brick building to make a statement about another man? 

I listen to those to whom the questions are asked, but I hear no answers.

In all of my listening, I am more confused than ever.  My heart tells me to remain quiet and keep listening.  As I listened further, I did hear something more.  It was a voice that said “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land”.

Are we listening?

Michelle Stevens cont.

Practicing what SHE preached and inspiring others soon rewarded her mysterious transformation into the literary world.  First time out of the stable as a self-publishing author, her three novels held the best sellers list, four months running.


Inhale and exhale three times with your eyes closed, concentrating on SELF.  Learn to love thyself before allowing or offering someone to share in your life.  Always set goals, maintain a regular agenda, otherwise you'll be easily misled.  Be confident of your expectations so you'll know who you're looking for.  Demand the same respect from others that you would give.  Never settle for less than you know you deserve in fear of losing a headache and avoiding heartache.  If the compromise to maintain the relationship becomes too great come to realize that a square peg does not fit into a round hole.  Most importantly, remember that the opposite sex is not always the on who's wrong.  Stop and take a look in the mirror.  If you honestly don't see yourself then exercise your power to change.

Michelle Ogbakwa-Stevens: author/publisher "All The Right Men" "I Found The Right Man" and "Stalked By Forbidden Sex" scheduled release 2001.


Market News

Roy Chung from "To The Contrary" on PBS is seeking authors of non-fiction to appear on his show if you currently have a book to sell.  His phone number is 202.973.2066. The website is The street address is 1825 K St NW, 9th Floor, Washington, DC 20006.


A September 11 Storybook To Benefit Relief Efforts

iUniverse is encouraging individuals around the nation to submit their stories of September 11 – from first-hand accounts to acts of kindness to stories of American pride. We'll edit and compile the most representative stories into what will be a national storybook reflecting the voice of America.

Anyone with a story to tell and a desire to be included in the book can submit material to iUniverse. We hope that people across the country will respond to the opportunity to come together to share and read each other's stories. Submissions will be accepted from now until November 11, 2001. All proceeds from sales of the book will be donated to the American Red Cross. Learn more and submit your story!


Book sales were sluggish last year and are not improving much this year.  This information is provided by an industry study that says general interest in books in the U.S. dropped 3.3% this year.  Author J.K. Rowling, writer of the Harry Potter series, is largely responsible for 10.1% rise in children's books from 1999-2000, but gains were offset by a decline in adult books.  Hardcover sales dropped 12.9% and trade paperbacks fell 14.2%.  Mass-market paperbacks fell 2.8%.  As for electronic books, only 1 in 4 book buyers said they were likely to buy one.  The percentage of books bought online reached 7%, up from 5% in 1999.  (Source:  USA Today 6/4/01)


Lee E. Meadows cont.

Walter Mosley’s introduction of ‘Easy’ Rawlins in Devil in a Blue Dress and Gar Anthony Haywood’s P.I. Aaron Gunner in the 1988 critically acclaimed novel Fear Of The Dark, combine several themes common to the hardboiled genre. The gritty, urban setting, the lone investigator formally detached from the law enforcement system, local watering holes which house the best of the disenfranchised and a reluctant protagonist with his own sense of justice.

What makes the Haywood and Mosley interpretation so compelling is the lens in which the story is being told. As African-American male authors, they are closer to the thoughts, feelings and motivations of their characters. They are able to take the reader inside the minds of their protagonist and see the world through tainted glasses. The 1990’s brought further additions to this category with Los Angeles Private Investigator Ivan Monk (Phillips, 1994), Newark, New Jersey Private Investigator Tamara Hale (Wesley, 1994), Detroit Private Investigator Lincoln Keller (Meadows, 1996) and New Orleans Private Investigator Maxine Michaels (Coner, 1998).

Though all remain committed to the lone investigator theme, each author uses variations of other themes to give their character a unique style and place.

Lee Meadows attended Michigan State University where he earned a BA in Telecommunications, an MA in Counseling and Adult Development and a Doctorate in Higher Education and Management.  He is the husband to an equally talented wife, Phyllis and they are the parents of a six-year-old son named Garrison.  Visit Lee Meadows’ at to preview the list of African-American Mystery Authors.

Business News

For as little as $130.00 you can place a business listing in the January, 2002, " Onyx Woman Salutes" edition of Onyx Woman. Did you think that you could ever afford to advertise in a magazine? That is why we created co-op advertising, so that you can share a page with other progressive black women just like yourself.

Call to hold your space on a first-come basis.

All advertisements must be limited to six lines to include: Name, Title, Organization, Telephone Number and Web address. This is an example, of course, and substitutions are welcome. However, there is a six line limitation.

For additional information, contact Ola Jackson, Publisher at


Check out our GREAT site called . We have music, movies, electronics, books, flowers, sporting goods and much more.  Our site is one of the largest Black owned shopping sites and was launched on April 15, 2001.  The best part about our site is that 5% of its profits are donated to charitable causes that support African American communities.  Please help us make this site a success by visiting often and forwarding our URL to everyone you know.  Also, by just telling three friends about this site you could win a Digital Camera. Check for details. We plan to make our first donation in July 2001.  Your support is greatly appreciated in making a meaningful first donation.
--Anton Gates

Wanda Moorman cont.

The second project, Books for Christmas, is a joint effort by the Sistah Circle Book Club of Dallas, Texas and me.  We are soliciting new books from authors and publishers to donate to battered women and children living in shelters in the Dallas and Washington, D.C. areas.  LitLine’s very own Lisa Cross is managing the project, and LitLine’s very own best-selling author Lee Meadows is a participating author.

In addition to our regular features, we have a special to LitLine this month from Canadian Wanda Kim Klotz.  Wanda Kim is a cancer survivor and has a compelling, touching article in this month’s edition that you don’t want to miss.

On behalf of Reverend Cornelius Wheeler, Lee Meadows, Lisa Cross and Adam Wilson, we wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  May God continue to bestow His richest blessings upon us all!

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