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Get Right (Dedicated to every brotha doin’ time)

You may have temporarily lost your freedom
But steel bars cannot imprison the mind.
Educate yourself and think positive
And leave the negativity behind.

Forget the liquor and the weed
Bad judgment got you locked in a cell.
Cries for forgiveness may have fallen on deaf ears
But love God and He will spare you from hell.

For the brothas doin’ life
Keep your heads up and stay strong.
Teach your children better than you were
And hope that they’ll learn right from wrong.

Clayton Powell, a self-described “urban poet”, is a Petty Officer in the United States Navy. His work has been accepted in such underground publications as the Native Tongue Newsletter and Soul Fountain and will appear in the April 2001 issue of Left Curve. He has also has authored one chapbook, entitled “Dead On Arrival”. He hopes his writing will help to create an artistic revolution in African American communities in the coming years in which  brothers and sisters will use their raw talent to escape the shackles of everyday life.

Why So Much Hate?
By Eve Hall

Whites against Blacks
Daughters against mothers
Sons against fathers
Sisters against brothers

Why so much hate?

Where is the love for one another
Where are the morals and the guidance
Where is the unity and peace
Where is the justice and security?

Where is this all leading to? 

When will we all be united as one family
When will racism and prejudice be erased
When will there be freedom and

When will Martin L. King's dream come true?
It starts with loving others
As we love ourselves
It will come to be... 

Isaiah 2:4


Gota - Day and Night 

Day and Night is one of the artist's best CDs.  The first track, "Crusin Your Way" is a lively, upbeat contemporary jazz track that sets the stage and the mood for the remaining tracks.  Gota's first CD, It’s So Different Here, was No. 1on  contemporary jazz charts.  Day & Night will more than likely follow the same course.  Released earlier this year, it is sure to please most contemporary jazz fans. 
--W. Moorman





Special Article

Wanda Kim Klotz Story

The story of the origin of 'Wanda's Web Works' is something of a modern-day fairy-tale.  After receiving notice that I was laid off from my position as a paralegal one week from the date of informing my employers that I was being tested for cancer, I found myself in a frightening position of the concerns of a lethal medical condition, no employment and the loss of my disability insurance policy that I had been paying for through work.  My employer at that time also told me that if I sued him, he would be my worst enemy.

My husband purchased a computer and hooked us up to the Internet.  I had hoped to obtain some office work through the Internet.  I was very naive at that time and had never even surfed the Internet. 

Initially I started off submitting poetry and short stories to a pay per view writing site.  While a member of this site, I became aware that many writers had their own sites.  My first site, a writing site showcasing my writings, was beautifully decorated with graphics from other artists who share their artwork through linkware.  Although I appreciated the beautiful work that I was using, I felt a great need to learn to create graphics in order to showcase my writing in a way that expressed the depths of what I was feeling.  Basically, I wanted to be the artist and author of my own work.

After a successful surgery, I pursued my interests in graphics and took an online graphics course through 'Circle of Style University' at  This course was not the ends to a means, but rather the beginning of an extensive period of learning that continues today.  Currently I am studying a digital movie program as well as Internet languages such as DHTML, Java Script and the list goes on.  Also, daily tutorials keep me abreast of the newest techniques and options. 

The more I learn, the more I realize that there is to learn.  I received outstanding feedback from people all over the world with regards to my artwork.  It was not long before I realized that not only could I create beautiful graphics to enhance my writing, I could create awesome websites for others with the graphics I was creating.  Having the opportunity to create a few sites for others gave me the encouragement I needed to open my own business. 

Although I offer website design at Wanda's Web Works, this site represents the total Internet experience.  On Wanda's Web Works you can find advice on creating graphics in the Plugins Area, free Fractal download programs to create wonderfully unique designs for graphics or backgrounds, links to great midi sites to download midis for your pages, free graphics for your use (including a Royal Doulton Figurine series), June Holiday (my romantic alter-ego), Dinner For Two and a few ideas for business sites. 

I saved telling you about the best for last, and that is 'Blessed by the Spirit.'  This area shares how God has worked in my life and provided miracles to feed my spirit and provide nourishment to keep me going.  Also, in this section you can find 'Drastic Measures'  - one of my favorites.

What to look for in the future - At the end of October, I will be sending out the first newsletter, which will contain helpful hints, great free downloads that I have encountered, web creation advice and whatever is new on Wanda's Web Works.  In mid-November, Wanda’s Web Works will also be offering a free children's interactive download book written by inspirational writer, Dot Wilson, with graphics and page designed by me.  The main characters in this book are going Christmas shopping and come face to face with the importance of making the right decisions.  Dot Wilson is a retired daycare worker who knows how to get an important point across to children, while I make the process fun.   We plan to have the book up for free download by November 17th, so if you are in the neighborhood, drop by Wanda's Web Works and check it out. 

Wanda Kim Klotz
(the Write On Woman)

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