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Like Boogie on Tuesday

Linda Dominique Grosvenor delivers a powerful message in this saga about family. Ms. Grosvenor introduces the readers to two sisters, Nina and Troi, who's lives were impacted at an early age by an alcoholic mother and an emotionally absent father. Reeling from the emotions of their past, self sufficient Nina finds herself in love with Tim, an aspiring filmmaker who persuades Nina to give love a second chance. Then there's Troi, successful businesswoman, married to Vaughn, her childhood sweetheart.  To the outside world, the two sisters seem to have it all, but it's only after you delve into the pages of Like Boogie on Tuesday that you began to unravel the hidden agendas, lies and deceit that forces these two sisters to turn to the one love that has never let them down.

ISBN: 1-58314-260-6
BET Books/Sepia Imprint
Available wherever books are sold

Reviewed by: Tanya Marie

Book Club News  

The Prolific Writers Network 2nd Annual Sock Drive 2001!

In light of the recent NY/DC tragedy we wanted to start the Prolific 2nd Annual Sock Drive 2001 early. Proceeds will be divided between New York and D.C. organizations respectively.

This sock drive is not limited to Prolific members.  This year we look forward to doubling the 133 pairs of socks we received last year!

Send any and all donations of *new* socks for men, women or children to:

Prolific Writers Network
POB 2443
Durham North Carolina 27715.  

We expect this sock drive to run through December, 2001

Music News

Calling all jazz lovers.  If you're looking for a late fall getaway, check out the Jazz Expo in Toronto, Canada on November 2-4 at the Queen Elizabeth Complex, Exhibition Place.  For further information, contact

In The Community

The Sistah Circle Book Club-Dallas Sistahs along with author Wanda Moorman will sponsor a program this holiday season called "Books for Christmas."  Books collected will be individually wrapped and given to African American women in the Dallas/Ft. Worth and Washington, DC areas that reside in family/battered women shelters. 

To date, the program has received well over 100 books!  We are hoping to reach our goal of 200 books by November 30th.  Authors and publicist  that have participated to thus far are: Lee Meadows, Alexus Rhone, L. Carol Lewis, Alicia Clark, Eric Pete, Brian Egeston, Maurice Gray, Kevin Thompson, L. Peggy Hicks and many others!  This is going t be a wonderful way to give back to the community and have an impact on literacy among African American woman and children.

Those interesting in participating, books will be collected beginning October 1st through November 30th.  Books will be distributed one week prior to the Christmas holiday (December 17th - 22nd).  Sending books to:

The Sistah Circle Book Club
Books for Christmas
P.O. Box 41035
Dallas, TX 75241-1035

Up to ten copies of  each book can be donated for this program.  More books guarantee that each woman in the shelter will receive a book.  For more information, visit:

For further questions and to find out how to participate, please email the book club at: or author Wanda Moorman at:  

Tech Tips  
Lisa R. Cross


Email Attachments

I receive many complaints from people who are unable to open attachments, such as pictures and/or documents, in email messages.  This problem not only stems from the person sending the attachment, but the person receiving the attachment.

From the sender:

The sender often assumes that the receiver has the exact same application resident on their computer as the sender.  I would say that about 70-75% of the time, you can assume that people generally have the same applications on their PC.  The remaining 25-30% of users are using another applications, which probably came with their operating system, or they are using another computing platform, like Mac or Linux.

If you frequently send attachments in email messages, "try" to ask what the receiver has on their end.  This can better prepare you to send the attachment(s).  Most document types can be saved in another format so that the receiver on the other end can open in the "barest" form possible.  For example, if during your daily work tasks, you send attachments to someone who does not run Word 2000, for example, like you do, you can save the file and change the file type to a "lower form" or to a text file.  When you click, File, Save As..., the dialogue box will appear for the specified location you will be saving the file.  Click the down arrow to select the file type that the other person can open.  Click here to see screen shots.

If you are unable to find out the applications that the receiver has, as a rule of thumb, know that all Text files (e.g. bills.txt) and JPEG and GIF (e.g. picture.jpeg) formatted photo can be access by any user.  You can change the file type in ANY application that you use so that other users can view attached file.  Note: When using lower file forms, especially the Text file format, you WILL lose the original file formatting.

The receiver:

The most common way to open files that do not have a recognizable application extension that you are unfamiliar with is by using Notepad or WordPad for documents.  To do this, save the attachment to you Desktop.  You can right-click on the attachment and select Save As...pointing the file location to your Desktop.  Once on your Desktop, hold the Shift key and right-click on the saved item and select Open With from the menu.  In this box you can locate Notepad and/or WordPad.  Select one, take the check OUT of the box below and click OK. Click here to see screen shots.

If when opening the item, you are still unable to see readable text, you will have to tell the sender that you are still unable to see text and they will have to save it in a form that is recognizable and/or to an application that you have resident on your PC.  You can access a list of file extension by clicking here.

I hope this article can offer some assistance on sending and accessing (receiving) email attachments.  Pleas feel free to email your questions concerning attachments.

Happy Computing!

Lisa R. Cross is a 16 year computer geek who works as a Network Administrator/Computer Specialist for the feds. She also owns a very small communications and technology business, Cross The Network. A native of Denver, CO she resides in Dallas, TX.

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