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A Spring Thing 
Wanda Elayne Moorman

I have always associated spring with the beginning of life.  The renaissance of the new year.  The resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  A time when everything and everyone comes to life.  Spring is a time for rejuvenation.

Having said all that, this spring I want to challenge everyone to do something different.  Now that we’re into a new millennium, let’s start this spring with the commitment to do something that we have never done before.  It could be a special project around the house that you’ve put off and procrastinated for a long time.  It could be reuniting with an old friend.  It could be starting that exercise class or that walking regimen you’ve wanted to do for so long but never had the time, the courage or the will power to begin.  More...

Guest Columnist
Michelle McGriff

As she stood in the shower the water dousing her, she thought about her day. Who would fall in love? Who would live? Who would die? The power she held to make that all happen brought an impish smile to her smooth round face. Her brown eyes lit up as she approached her computer, still damp from the hurried dry off. She couldn’t wait to yield the power and control that rested under her swiftly moving keystrokes. But her glee and manic euphoria would be short lived, for the phone’s incessant ringing distracted her now. The children entering the playground across the street forced her to the window to get a look at their angelic faces. Ahh, children. This observation brought about thoughts of her own three, now mostly grown—at least within themselves—that is until needing some change from mama’s purse…   More...

Tandee Marie

Recently, I was forced to take a long look at what validation meant in my
life. You know validation, a word that stands alone and rolls off your tongue
like a scrumptious chocolate treat dipped in a bowl of decadent ice cream. The
word that confirms whether something is right.  Well, for me it was time to
look at it from a personal perspective.  The word then takes on a whole new
meaning; it no longer rolls off your tongue, instead it feels like someone
has shoved a pile of dirt in your mouth and commanded you to swallow.  I was
beginning to swallow too much dirt, shoved in by too many people. I had to
figure out who I was allowing to validate me, because it sure was not me. I
mean, I'd never put filth in my own mouth…willingly, of course. But, allowing
someone else to do it was just as bad.

I knew it was time to look within to find answers to so many questions that
hung over me. I had began to feel about as useless as a dangling branch
blowing in the breeze with no real roots.  More...

Spiritual Space
Rev. Cornelius R. Wheeler
Co-Pastor, Vermont Avenue Baptist Church
Washington, DC

“Ye are the light of the world.  A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.”  Most of us recognize this charge from Jesus, but have you really ever thought about it?  I mean really thought about it.

Light and darkness are elements that we encounter every day but rarely give either much thought.  Darkness is an absence of light.  Light, then, can be understood as the destroyer of darkness.  Setting aside all of the theological and philosophical discourses that would make this difficult, Jesus gives us a physics lesson in language even a five year old can understand.   More...

Punctuation Points
Wanda Elayne Moorman

Accurate punctuation can sometimes be a maddening part of the writing process.  It is oftentimes difficult to remember all the rules of punctuation and grammar.  Some of us never even learned the rules; we picked them up by trial and error. 

Punctuation Points will be an occasional part of Litline in an effort to explain, in layman’s terms, those minor nagging punctuation and grammar rules that sometimes stump us.  More...

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