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This month's feature book is For Love's Sake by Michelle McGriff.  Set in her native California, McGriff weaves an atypical romance novel full of suspense and intrigue, climaxing with an unanticipated twist and an unexpected ending.  For Love's Sake is available at



Black Book Plus - Book Fair and Family Festival. BBP is an open-air book expo and family festival along Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, dedicated to literature and the arts within the Afro Diaspora.

Visit their Web site at  for more information.


The African American Book Club Summit (AABCS)

The AABCS is a national effort to form an alliance among African American Book Clubs, Authors and Independent Booksellers. The Summit takes place on-board the Carnival Cruise Ship "The Inspiration."   The ship leaves from New Orleans for the exotic ports of Montego Bay, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel.  Seven days of fun, relaxation -up close and personal with your favorite authors!

The AABCS is the ultimate African American Literature Experience!  The participating Author line-up reads like a "Who's Who" of African American Literature!  We've covered every genre!!! Fiction, Biography, Mystery, Romance, Science Fiction, Horror, Children's Books, Inspirational and Self Help.

For More Information:
Phone:  (713) 590-2340 x2795

Market News

ChildAuthor.Com started as a simple craft site for children.  It is quickly evolving to a literary site for kids.  They are expanding their topics to include articles ranging from crafts to poetry to short stories and science. 

The pay rate is $.05 per accepted, edited word. Length ranges by topic.  For example, craft articles may only have 30 words where a short story may be 1,000 and over.

Send full articles and short bios via email.  Visit the site for additional guidelines at

Aspiring Writers Contest

Calling all aspiring writers and those interested in honing their writing and creative skills.  LitLine will begin a writing contest sponsored by several of the literary world's newest African American authors.  Click for contest rules and submission requirements.

Contest Press Release  

Tech Tips cont.

CD-Rom drives (including CD writers) are an easy installation.  Moving from a read speed of 24x or 32x to a speed of 48x and above is not difficult.  CD writers are similar.  There are three speeds listed for CD writers; write, re-write and read (e.g. 12x8x32).  You want to buy based on the write speed and the read speed, the first and last numbers.  I recommend a write speed of no less than 8 and a read speed no less than 32.

Upgrading - Software

Software upgrade often depends on the memory (RAM), processor and hard drive space.  A home user can upgrade their software on an older machine, yet, the problem that can arise on a simple level, is the computer will not be able to run the application optimally.  Because Office 2000 runs quickly at your Windows NT configured 800 MHz computer with 256 MB RAM and has 20-GIGs of hard drive space, does not men that it will run on your Windows 95 configured 300 MHz, 48 MB RAM, 6-GIG hard drive home PC.  The minimum specifications for running many of the software applications on the market are NOT sufficient.  To install Windows 98, the minimum requirements listed are: 486DX 66MHz (not even Pentium speed), 16MB - 24MB RAM and 225 MB hard drive.  From a technical stand point and in layman's terms, Windows 98 will not be able to "breath" under those conditions.  Therefore, when checking your hardware specifications, know that a standard is Pentium IIs, 64 MB RAM, and 4-GIG hard drive space or more.  Hard drive with a GIG or less available, it is recommended that you do not add any more applications to your computer.  Your computer will experience some problems, either overt or hidden, with a GIG or less free space.

I will continue next time on cost

Happy Computing!

Lisa R. Cross is a 16 year computer geek who works as a Network Administrator/Computer Specialist for the feds. She also owns a very small communications and technology business, Cross The Network. A native of Denver, CO she resides in Dallas, TX.


In The Community

The Sistah Circle Book Club of Dallas has adopted the Highland Hills library in South Dallas.  The library is located in a predominately African American neighborhood.  This library is heavily utilized by residents.

The SCBC asked that new, up and coming as well as established mainstream authors donate their newly released books to the library.  Last year, this effort by the SCBC and authors was a great success and the manager, Mrs. Price, was very happy to receive new books to add to their circulation.  This Fall, the SCBC will once again seek the assistance of authors to donate their new releases to the library.

For more information, you may email the SCBC at: or visit them at:

Music Ministry Program Continues in 2001

S. Sparrow Music Ministries headquartered in Washington will host its second annual benefit gala, Encouraging Our Youth Through Music, on Friday evening, September 14, 2001 at 7:00 p.m. in the Family Life Center, Vermont Avenue Baptist Church in Northwest Washington, D.C.  For additional information visit their Web site at: .


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