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Guest Columnist: Idelia Phillips

Article by Lee E. Meadows 

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Watchful Eyes

I live my life
As if my deceased
Loved ones
Are by my side
Watching my every move

When I fail 
They feel the agony
Of my defeat
When I succeed 
They hold their heads high
With pride

Maybe heaven is like a 
Everybody’s laughing
Having a good time
Placing bets on
Who will succeed
And who will fail

I will succeed
I live my life
As if my deceased 
Loved ones
Are by my side

Clayton Powell, a self-described “urban poet”, is a Petty Officer in the United States Navy. His work has been accepted in such underground publications as the Native Tongue Newsletter and Soul Fountain and will appear in the April 2001 issue of Left Curve. He has also has authored one chapbook, entitled “Dead On Arrival”. He hopes his writing will help to create an artistic revolution in African American communities in the coming years in which  brothers and sisters will use their raw talent to escape the shackles of everyday life.

By Paulette Persaud
They tried to strip me of my faith.
They tried to condemn my evolution.
I will rebuke them, for they are Pathetic.
Wretched and scornful burdens I have lugged, With well thought-out maneuvers I will flourish. Hatred befalls their anxiety, while contempt revealed uncertainty. Disregarded history, forsaken present. One hundreds years tempers concealed, never to be displayed. Mental weapons sharpen; haters attack. Spiders of life hang in the mist. Keep your eye open For time will divulge. Iniquity exists because Ignorance prolonged. Time gone -by work is hard, tomorrow
votes will be tabulated. A black man was
named president on Election Day. What a shame! They criticized my name. They will remember this, One-day.





Under Your Spell  by Shakatak is LitLine’s CD of the month.  The new CD will be released in the UK July 30.  

SHAKATAK have enjoyed a level of success and a career longevity rarely paralleled in contemporary music.  From their first record release (Bill Sharpe's "Steppin") in August 1980, SHAKATAK's singles and albums have charted with a consistency in both the UK and the US.  

You can visit them at:

Tech Tips  
Lisa R. Cross


Upgrading vs. New Computer 
Part 1

Many home computer users have asked me lately about maintenance on their computers.  The next question following is; "should I upgrade or buy a new computer?  What are the costs involved?" 

With computer prices dropping lower than ever, I am sometimes inclined to recommend that users purchase a new computer.  But, let's weigh both options.  For this, I will answer this topic in a two-part article.  I will also include both hardware and software upgrades, and cost.

Upgrading - Hardware

Upgrading your computer is both useful and cost efficient, especially in the case of a machine that is not older than three or four years.  I do not recommend upgrading a computer that is not at least a Pentium II/AMD-K/Celerons (second generation) at a clock speed of less than 300 MHz.  Pentium machines of 200 MHz or less, can be upgraded, yet the part may not be available.  This can also be the case for some Pentium IIs, AMD-K or Celerons.

The most common upgrades are usually memory (RAM), hard drives, CD-ROM (including CD writers) and software.  If you have a machine that is less than four years old, your computer probably has between 32 and 64 MB Ram.  Your choice now is to upgrade the memory to at least 128 MB.  But this is not very easy since the compatibility of the board to memory may not match due to the age of the computer.  If you are running Windows 98, Windows NT/2000, or ME I recommend no less than 96 MB of RAM.

There are some older computers that are not "plug and play" nor will it allow you to see more than 8-GIG of hard drive space.  Note, there is a way to work around this issue.    Older computers have hard drive space that may range from 4.3-GIG to about 10-GIG.  With the need for more space, hard drive manufacturers introduced hard drives up to and above 80-GIG.  For an older computer, I recommend 20 to 30-GIG.  In case of the addition of a hard drive, I format the first drive to still be utilized in the computer for storage. More...

Poetry News

The International Library of Poetry has a wonderful online site for poets.  If you’re looking for a quick mechanism to get your poetry published online, check out their Web site at

On Tour

October 4th thru 6th, Wanda Moorman and fellow historical fiction writer, John Hatch will be touring Texas.  Authors will make stops in Houston, Dallas and Ft. Worth.  

Come out and meet these two creative authors!


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