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Guest Columnist: Nathasha Brooks-Harris

Article by Lee E. Meadows 

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Erasing Struggle

Four and a half decades
After Rosa Parks
I watch the profile of a
Beautiful black sista
Waiting for a bus
At the park

Everything about her says
She holds her head high
A book of African-American poetry
Lies comfortably in her grasp
As the bus pulls up

Her chariot has arrived

My stare is emptier than
The #10 bus
As she walks to the last row
And takes a seat

Clayton Powell, a self-described “urban poet”, is a Petty Officer in the United States Navy. His work has been accepted in such underground publications as the Native Tongue Newsletter and Soul Fountain and will appear in the April 2001 issue of Left Curve. He has also has authored one chapbook, entitled “Dead On Arrival”. He hopes his writing will help to create an artistic revolution in African American communities in the coming years in which  brothers and sisters will use their raw talent to escape the shackles of everyday life.

By Eve Hall
We all have choices, you and I.
One is to live, one is to die.
One is to be truthful,
One is to lie.

One is to be wrong,
One is to be right.
One is to be peaceable,
One is to fight.

One is to be early,
One is to be late.
One is to love,
One is to hate.

One is to feel old,
One is to feel new.
The final choice,
Is up to you.





Patti Austin has done it again with her first CD of the new millennium, on the way to love.  Her crystal clear voice with her rich, sultry delivery makes this CD a must have.  "On the Way to Love" is Austin's third CD since 1998.  It includes slow and fast songs that are sure to appeal to the musical tastes of jazz and R&B fans alike.  With the usual Quincy Jones influence, the CD also features another jazz heavy-hitter, Boney James.  If you haven't  checked out "On the Way to Love", you're missing a real treat. 
-W. Moorman

Tech Tips  
Lisa R. Cross


Upgrading vs. New Computer 
Part 2

In the first part of this article in the August edition, I spoke about pros and cons of upgrading existing computers.  I discussed, in some detail, hardware and software upgrades.  In this article, I will talk about the costs associated with upgrades versus buying a new computer.


Old technology cost more than new technology in certain areas of computer upgrading.

Recently, I was speaking with a colleague about the new technology in motherboards.  I had a new motherboard in an unfinished computer I was building.  I wanted to finish it and the only other components I needed were RAM and a CPU.  It had not occurred to me that motherboards are now the new PC133 technology (bus speed).  The board I have is a PC100.  They no longer make CPU chips or RAM for this type of board.  I would definitely have to find a computer dealer for parts; refurbished parts at that.  This is the aspect that now makes upgrading difficult for older machines.

With the advent of the PC133 motherboard, PC100 motherboards and components are difficult to come by.  Therefore, one might have to install another motherboard, CPU and RAM memory.  This is not all bad, as some computing outlets/stores sell motherboards with CPU and chip together.  It is not uncommon to be able to purchase an 800Mhz CPU with a PC133 board that includes video and sound for less than $80.00.  You have basically overhauled your computer with this one purchase.  With the addition of a stick on 128MB RAM and a faster CD-ROM (perhaps), you virtually have a "brand new" machine!

Estimating the cost of upgrading a machine by adding memory to the previous overhaul I mentioned above, can cost anywhere from $60.00 to less than $300.00 (based on component prices).  These are the basic upgrades to an existing computer.  The disadvantage is you may have to replace other components as well such as video, sound, etc.   More...

Poetry News

The International Library of Poetry has a wonderful online site for poets.  If you’re looking for a quick mechanism to get your poetry published online, check out their Web site at

On Tour

October 4th thru 6th, Wanda Moorman and fellow historical fiction writer, John Hatch will be touring Texas.  Authors will make stops in Houston, Dallas and Ft. Worth.  

Come out and meet these two creative authors!

October 6, both Wanda and John will be at Black Images from 12 to 2p.

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