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Church Folks is a genuine Christian novel.  Theophilus Henry Simmons is young, single, very handsome, and just about the finest black man any wishful mother and daughter have ever seen in Charleston, Mississippi. He's also a pastor. And when he starts courting the quiet, homespun Essie Lee Lane-and she accepts his marriage proposal-a few of the church folk decide to teach Essie what it really means to be a pastor's wife, and show her how little she knows about them. But as Theophilus gains prominence in his denomination, Essie evolves from a mousy parishioner into an independent and Godly woman. Now sporting an afro and driving her new purple Cadillac, Essie teaches the church folk what it really means to stand by your man-and your beliefs. Book is available at

The African American Book Club Summit (AABCS)

The AABCS is a national effort to form an alliance among African American Book Clubs, Authors and Independent Booksellers. The Summit takes place on-board the Carnival Cruise Ship "The Inspiration."   The ship leaves from New Orleans for the exotic ports of Montego Bay, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel.  Seven days of fun, relaxation -up close and personal with your favorite authors!

The AABCS is the ultimate African American Literature Experience!  The participating Author line-up reads like a "Who's Who" of African American Literature!  We've covered every genre!!! Fiction, Biography, Mystery, Romance, Science Fiction, Horror, Children's Books, Inspirational and Self Help.

For More Information:
Phone:  (713) 590-2340 x2795

Book Club News

On September 29, 2001, Black Women with Books (BWB) of Milwaukee, Wisconsin hosted a forum which featured four authors that are or were self-published at one time or another.  The forum was an overwhelming success and one that other books clubs may wish to duplicate in the future.  Sherry Taylor of BWB contacted several authors and invited them to participate by donating postcards, business cards and other forms of promotional items about their books, which were made available to forum attendees.

Thanks to BWB for their continued support of African American authors, and self-published authors in particular. 


The Prolific Writers Network 2nd Annual Sock Drive 2001!

In light of the recent NY/DC tragedy we wanted to start the Prolific 2nd Annual Sock Drive 2001 early. Proceeds will be divided between New York and D.C. organizations respectively.

This sock drive is not limited to Prolific members.  This year we look forward to doubling the 133 pairs of socks we received last year!

Send any and all donations of *new* socks for men, women or children to:

Prolific Writers Network
POB 2443
Durham North Carolina 27715.  

We expect this sock drive to run through December, 2001

Music News

Calling all jazz lovers.  If you're looking for a late fall getaway, check out the Jazz Expo in Toronto, Canada on November 2-4 at the Queen Elizabeth Complex, Exhibition Place.  For further information, contact




Tech Tips cont.

Some NEVERs in creating passwords for accounts are:

  • never use your first or last name,

  • never use your phone number or social security number,

  • never use your birthday,

  • never use your spouse, children's or pet's names.

You share much of the information listed above in one form or the other. Other people may know your birth date, children's names, and perhaps you social security number. It's not safe to use the information unless you will be using special characters in combination with these.

Special characters are those items above the numbers on your keyboard. Capitalization and numbers are also considered special characters. Some examples of passwords using special characters would be:

Ireland:  1Re!and
123 Main Street: 
oranges and apples: 

Note the uses of special characters in the passwords above.  Use special characters!

If you have further questions concerning passwords, please do not hesitate to email me.

Happy Computing!

Lisa R. Cross is a 16 year computer geek who works as a Network Administrator/Computer Specialist for the feds. She also owns a very small communications and technology business, Cross The Network. A native of Denver, CO she resides in Dallas, TX.

In The Community

The Sistah Circle Book Club-Dallas Sistahs along with author Wanda Moorman will sponsor a program this holiday season called "Books for Christmas."  Books collected will be individually wrapped and given to African American women in the Dallas/Ft. Worth and Washington, DC areas that reside in family/battered women shelters. 

Best-selling author Brandon Massey has signed on to participate. We look forward to the participation of lots of authors in this worthwhile project.

The Dallas Sistahs have adopted local women shelters for this goodwill project.  We are soliciting books from authors of both mainstream and self-publishing efforts.  Books can range from self-help to mystery to Christian genres.  Authors of children's books will have their books distributed to the children of the women.  As an added gift to the receiver, we ask that authors personally sign their books: "Happy Holidays from [author's name]". 

One of the goals of our club is to increase literacy among African American women.  This program supports that goal.  There are great authors that The Sistah Circle Book Club has met over the past three years and we solicit authors, publishers and publicists to help in making this a great success!

Books will be collected beginning October 1st through November 30th.  Books will be distributed one week prior to the Christmas holiday (December 17th - 22nd).  You may begin sending your books to:

The Sistah Circle Book Club
Books for Christmas
P.O. Box 41035
Dallas, TX 75241-1035

Up to ten copies of  each book can be donated for this program.  More books guarantee that each woman in the shelter will receive a book.

For further questions and to find out how to participate, please email the book club at: or author Wanda Moorman at:  

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